Catalog No.ProductsDescription
MOC-00004Roxadustat (FG-4592) CAS 808118-40-3FG-4592 is an inhibitor of HIF α prolyl hydroxylase.
MOC-00012KC7F2 CAS 927822-86-4KC7F2 is a potent HIF-1 pathway inhibitor with potential anticancer activity.
MOC-00046Carbazeran CAS 70724-25-3Carbazeran is an Aldehyde oxidase (AO) substrate and potent phosphodiesterase PDE-II and PDE-III inhibitor.
MOC-00101Deltarasin CAS 1440898-61-2Deltarasin is a selective inhibitor of KRAS-PDEδ interaction with IC50 value of 41±12 nM.
MOC-00111Edoxaban CAS 912273-65-5Edoxaban is a potent, selective factor Xa inhibitor.
MOC-00122VR23 CAS 1624602-30-7VR23 is an effective proteasome inhibitor.
MOC-00124Oprozomib (ONX-0912) CAS 935888-69-0Oprozomib (ONX-0912) is an orally bioavailable inhibitor for CT-L activity of 20S proteasome β5/LMP7 with IC50 of 36 nM/82 nM.
MOC-00144Epacadostat CAS 1204669-58-8Epacadostat is an orally available hydroxyamidine and inhibitor of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO1).
MOC-00199AZ-33 CAS 1370290-34-8N/A
MOC-00204AM2394 CAS 1442684-77-6AM-2394 is a structurally distinct glucokinase activator (GKA).
MOC-00225STA9090 (Ganetespib) CAS 888216-25-9Ganetespib(STA-9090) is a unique triazolone-containing Hsp90 inhibitor with an IC50 of 4 nM in OSA 8 cells.
MOC-00227Alda-1 CAS 349438-38-6Alda 1 is an activator of aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2).
MOC-00234BAY 60-7550 CAS 439083-90-6BAY-60-7550 is a potent PDE2 inhibitor.
MOC-00237NSC697923 CAS 343351-67-7NSC697923 is a selective inhibitor of the E2 ubiquitin (Ub) conjugating enzyme UBE2N (Ubc13).